Thursday, 6 February 2014

Women's Sure Cotton Ultra Dry Antiperspirant given free by Bzz agent

So I was sent a can of Sure's Cotton Ultra Dry Antiperspirant from Bzzagent. Here's my review of the product:

First impression:

Preferred this smell to the other deodorant I received. Love the tiny packaging, all about saving on packaging. When I got out of the shower I sprayed on my underarm and found it shot out a little sharp, especially having just shaved. Ouch. Didn't need to spray for so long because so much comes out so fast. Saves on time but not so good on my poor sensitive skin. Then it rubbed white all over my black bra. Not attractive!

Half way through day:

 I am feeling a little sticky but I still smell nice. Underarms feel nice too. Doing ok so far.

End of day: I am a bit sweaty and smelly but I can also smell the deodorant too so ok but not great. I won't be purchasing

Sure deodorants as it doesn't quite cut it for me and is a little harsh on my skin without the payoff. Also the deodorants parent company is Procter & Gamble which still tests on animals so I won't be recommending the product either. My boyfriend tried the Diamond sure deodorant and had to change his shirt at lunch as it hadn't cut it for him at all. He's not a super sweaty guy either but this didn't work for him. No marks on his clothes though. I would try it myself but I hate the smell.

What would I want to know before:

I would want to know if any of my money goes towards animal testing. In this case it would so never going to purchase. I'm going to give the can to my mum.